Education will be the focus of Australia's 5thAnnual Growth Summit, hosted by public policy network Global Access Partners as part of its National Economic Review series, on 18-19 September 2014 at NSW Parliament House.


The Summit will address a broad spectrum of education policy, the quality of teaching across all age groups, the importance of lifelong learning in a changing workforce and the impact of deregulation. Delegates will consider the Government’s priorities in each educational sector, the state of academic research and innovation, the use of modern technology, and the increasingly competitive global education marketplace.

Held in the Legislative Assembly Chamber of NSW Parliament House, the Summit will bring together a select audience of government executives and policy makers, industry and business leaders, academics and social commentators.

The debate will follow a parliamentary model, allowing everyone an opportunity to promote their views, share their experiences and shape the future of Australia's education.

Conference Overview

Participation in the Summit is by invitation only and is limited to 100 registered delegates. Please call Olga Bodrova on +61 2 8303 2420 for more information.


Previous Growth Summits focused on Innovation (2010), Population (2011), Productivity (2012) and Agriculture (2013). They featured presentations by Australian and global business leaders, international scholars, numerous members of parliament and others. Reports of proceedings can be reviewed at

Thursday, 18 September
Friday, 19 September
Legislative Assembly Chamber
NSW Parliament House
Macquarie St, Sydney


  • Education in the context of a deregulatory government
  • The value of lifelong learning and barriers to continuing education
  • Education and employment: a changing workforce and the future of jobs
  • Tackling educational disadvantage: equality of opportunity versus equality of outcome
  • The use of modern technology
  • New models of funding
  • Collaboration and partnerships between business and academia
  • Education as an export
  • Commercial opportunities in the education market
  • The future of Australian higher education
  • Educational Olympics: recognising and celebrating excellence in national education